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What's happening at Living Faith Church

Men's Meeting
August 02

Men it's summer, the kids are home, we’re taking vacations, tackling summer projects, keeping up with work, there’s lots going on! Take an hour for yourself on Saturday, you deserve it. We meet in the Sanctuary at 8am, coffee & donuts will be waiting for you!

School Supplies Outreach
August 03

A new school year is here & we want to bless families having financial challenges in obtaining school supplies. To contribute, pick up a list of needed items at the Information Desk & drop them in the wagon August 19th. Also, if you’re a parent experiencing financial difficulties and need help gathering supplies, please contact Heather at the church.

Spanish Translation Team
August 03

Hablas espanol? If you speak Spanish fluently, the translation team could use your help. You can volunteer once a month or once a quarter. See Pastor JR for details. Gracias!

Ministry Training Center
August 03

Each of us are created as a unique expression of Jesus. It’s through our distinct expression that we impact & touch the world around us. In Training Center you'll realize your unique expression. Consider the possibilities! For details contact Pastor Cathy.

Life Centre Special
August 03

Teach your children the right mindset for managing money successfully. “Smart Money, Smart Kids” by Dave Ramsey and his daughter, Rachel Cruze, is being offered at a 20% discount for two weeks.

Up Close with God - Seminar
August 14

Once you experience Father God's love, your life will never be the same & many limitations to success will be lifted. Seminar runs Thurs-Sat, cost is $50pp & includes meals. For details contact .    Register

Praying for our Schools
August 16

As the new school year approaches, we want to cover our schools in prayer! We’ll meet at 9:30am in the church parking lot. For more information, contact Heather.

Praying for Our Schools
August 16

Join us as we pray for our schools. We’ll meet at church and then divide into small groups that will go to three schools in a particular area. For more information, contact Heather.

Releasing His Presence - Worship Art
August 16

Father desires to show us how to release His Presence through creative expressions. We will meet at 6pm in the Mountain. All mediums of art are welcome, please bring your supplies.

Group Expo 2014
August 17

September is here and that means groups are starting up! Groups are a great way to make friends and since we have a huge variety we believe there's a group for everyone. Check out & register for groups at our Expo!

School Supplies Outreach
August 19

We want to help our families experiencing financial challenges. If you need help please call Heather. If you’d like to donate items a list of supplies needed is the table in the Lobby.

Women's Life Kick-Off Event
September 12

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